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MDPR's mission is to provide care for companion birds Dec 15, 2015 Kayla, a Congo African Grey Parrot, came to the Santa Rosa rescue less than two weeks ago and made her presence known through foul  I have been trying to adopt 2 African Grey parrots from TGF for a little over 4 . The big tortoises are out "roaming around" (if a bit slowly!); the two African Grey Parrots love to "talk" to you, and they have some unique animals including albino alligator and snake. Our mission is to find or provide “forever” homes for horses, and we also sanctuary horses, as necessary, to their natural or merciful death. There were many reviews saying it's hard to assemble, but the photos are pretty self explanatory. Why overpay? Search for African Grey Parrots Hatchlings & Birds for sale by city in IN and price to find the best Indiana African Grey Parrots at the lowest prices. Browse through available african grey parrots for sale and adoption in colorado by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Welcome to Alameda Veterinary Clinic Your Veterinarian in Lakewood, CO Call us at 303-237-9232. We understand that all parrot owners love their birds, and that finding a new home for their birds is used as a last option. The purpose of this site is to educate people about foxes to hopefully help reduce the need for them to end up in a rescue in the first place. He was last see. Weimaraners need discipline and strong leadership from the very beginning. *We officially have 14 new Congo African Grey babies in the nest as of 4/7/2019 *All Congo African Grey babies for the 2019 season are reserved. (Denver) Photography of Colorado's Reptiles and Amphibians by Joe Farah. Because they are so hardy, they make a good choice for someone who doesn’t have the time to devote to a more attention-demanding bird. is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Organization and the only licensed shelter for exotic birds (mostly parrots) in the Kansas City area. We will never turn a bird away. The Oasis Sanctuary was incorporated in the State of Arizona on May 22, 1997. 1711 likes · 2 talking about this. A Weimaraner needs to be with people. 15,089 likes · 180 talking about this · 1,359 were here. Bird Breeders in Denver, Bird Breeders in DENVER, with pet bird parrots for sale The African grey parrot is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet, giving it quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts. high rockies pets - craigslist. I was reluctant to purchase this cage, since many different companies sell the exact same cage with the exact same photos and was unsure if my African grey would fit (comfortably), but I can say that I am completely satisfied with the purchase. Weimaraners are very territorial. browse youtube for videos about greys and Amazons, although i would pick a grey over an Amazon, but my knowledge is limited to a traumatised Amazon and a socialized grey Anyways, Youtube has some pretty good videos about parrots of all ranges and sizes, about care, feeding, etc etc Raven Birds for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell @ Adpost. For Millennia, Colorado's famed Bighorn Sheep have called Vail and the   I started Palomacy (originally named MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue) in San . The Gabriel Foundation is an animal rescue located in Elizabeth, Colorado We are now producing some of the finest Macaw, Cockatoo, Conure, Indian Ring Necks, African Grey and Cockatiel bloodlines that can be found in the USA. Based on the Fisher-Price toy line of the same name, the TV series tracks the adventures of a team of emergency responders who rescue people from various disasters. . The grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus), also known as the Congo grey parrot or African grey parrot, is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. This doesn't affect Kitty from being able to get around. With summer's heat and vacations, we are accepting new intakes at this time on a case-by-case basis. EmeraId City Pet Rescue is a 100% non-profit organization. There are a lot of birds in Colorado who are happy and thriving on Karen's &quot to be rehomed through adoption agencies and/or through more reputable bird stores. Anyone who has an African Grey or who has had one will tell you that you can't really consider an African Grey Parrot a pet because the privilege of living with one is truly a unique and unforgettable experience. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free. We are an outreach and placement program which places into safe custody, parrots which are abandoned, abused, or in need of a home for any reason. Find Greyhound puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. Meet Boots, an African Grey Parrot for adoption, at Flock Together Bird Rescue Inc. Listen to exciting Podcast interviews with parrot specialists from around the world, many available for WPT members only. We are a small, home based organization located in Rio Rancho, which is just North of Albuquerque, NM. Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobitus) Found in mountainous regions of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, the Andean Mountain Cat is a sandy-grey cat with faint stripes on its body and darker stripes on its tail. We are a 501c3 organization, run soley by volunteers and mainly funded by donations. She clearly has a large mass on her shoulder and a gash in her neck, she's also underweight and was becoming extremely depressed not being in a home environment. The Bird Gardens of Naples is a non-profit organization whose sole concern is parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots. I've had birds for years, most of them rescues, or birds that just needed a new home. Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new African Grey The Gabriel Foundation is an animal rescue located in Elizabeth, Colorado. If you live in Lakewood or the surrounding area in CO, then you have picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian. (24439) African Grey Olivehurst, California . He has a missing claw on his left foot and a DNA bracelet. The Bird breeder directory at Petstew. If you’re searching for a new Hatchling you’ve probably started hunting for local Bird breeders that have available Hatchlings. This section has been designed to allow those who are no longer able to look after their feathered friend the opportunity to find a new forever home. Items 1 - 20 of 102 African Grey Parrot Supplies and accessories. I have inherited an older African grey that I just don’t have time for I’m pretty sure it’s a male he has started to allow me to touch him some but will not allow me to hold him. To adopt an African grey parrot for free, contact an exotic bird rescue, such as Northeast Avian Rescue; this shelter does not charge adoption fees for rescued birds. He is all gray with a red tail. *The price for a Weaned Congo African Grey will be $2200 in 2019. Search through the listings to find other shelters with no adoption fees. Since 1998, Forest Animal Rescue (formerly known as Peace River Refuge & Ranch) has provided rescued wild animals with the space and peace that they need to heal and thrive. BirdAdoption. Kitty is cage aggressive, but does better outside of the cage. Download 90+ desktop wallpaper images and +38 ringtones for your phone. . Contact Jean Pattison for a speaking engagement. (formerly the African Grey Bird Store) is Reason for Public Charity Status (for 2013) The organization is not a private foundation because it is: An organization that normally receives: (1) more than 33 1/3 % of its support from contributions, membership fees, and gross receipts from activities related to its exempt functions - subject to certain exceptions, and (2) no more than 33 1/3 % of its support from gross investment income and EmeraId City Pet Rescue exists to rescue abused, negIected and homeIess animaIs from the streets and high kiII sheIters, primariIy those in the Los AngeIes and San Bernadino, CaIifornia high kiII sheIters, and pIace them into Ioving and forever homes. Welcome to Colorado Cockatoos! We are a small, family owned avicultural breeding facility with state-of-the-art indoor facilities to keep our birds sheltered from  BS, Colorado State University, 1980; DVM, Colorado State University, 1984; MS, 2 Siamese cats ( Baker, Keypurr); 1 African Grey Parrot, Thunder, a rescue in  congo african grey parrots, handfed baby african greys, baby greys, baby parrot, congo african greys, greys for sale, african grey breeder, bird breeder north  Jun 25, 2012 i am the mom of three parrots: Dorothy- African grey (cag) Bowie- blue and gold macaw Nellie- hyacinth macaw Reggie- hyacinth Long time amazon parent/ breeder and many rescue zons. African Grey Parrots (also called Congo Grey Parrots) are medium sized, mostly grey and white with red tail feathers. We are a no-kill rescue facility. Kitty does have a cataract in the right eye. Florida Parrot Rescue works throughout the entire state of Florida, and is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer run, avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of companion parrots. 5 year old African grey parrott needs a rehome. com. Find what you are looking for or create your own ad for free! Hand Reared, Baby African Grey Parrots For Sale $500 The Finch Farm presents pet birds for sale online, including new conures for sale, parakeets, parakeets for sale, finches for sale, canaries for sale, and bird products and seed for sale. He does need his beak trimmed but I was trying to earn his trust first. Population of African Greys in the United States Population Survey Due to all the new Federal and State regulations and laws being proposed dealing with our birds, it is important that we have a good accounting of the populations in the United States. Our Congo African Greys will lay eggs from February thru May. Educate yourself on proper bird care BEFORE adopting a bird. Bird T Shirts Adopt Or Rescue. Amazon Parrot, Macaw, African Grey and Cockatoo Rescue Amazon Parrot UK Wainlee Wildlife Park - Exotic Animal rescue and rehoming Marmoset, Meerkats, Mongoose Kitty is a Timneh African Grey. Jean Pattison's African Queen Aviaries, African Grey Parrots and other African Parrots for sale - Senegals, Meyers. Both of the birds our family have brought home from the African Grey are not only in excellent health, but have loving, wonderful personalities. Free classified ads for Birds and everything else. Through the education of the public, proper legal documentation, extensive support services, and constant follow-up procedures Bird and Parrot classifieds. It was after realizing that Iggy was not the only bird in this situation, that I reached out to the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife and started Lonely Grey Rescue. Parrots For Sale: Healthy African Grey Parrot, 6/29/19, by Denison, TX 75020. Looking for a East longmeadow , Massachusetts. Parrots For Sale: Beautiful and Talking Hyacinth Macaw Parrots for Sale, 6/29/19, by Saheco\Chicago USA. Staffordshire Terriers are friendly and great with kids. Our Federal EIN number is 86-0885646. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 00 per year Colorado, promoting educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation,  All breeds, Alpaca: Huacaya, Alpaca: Suri, Bird: African Grey, Bird: Amazon, Bird: Black, Bird: Brotogeris, Bird: Budgie/Budgerigar, Bird: Button Quail, Bird:  May 11, 2015 A weak and scraggly African grey parrot suddenly appears in your a parrot rescue and rehabilitation organization in Aspen, Colorado. Colorado's Extreme Weather Changes Air Force Academy Flight ScheduleHeat and severe storms caused the airfield to close several times during July. These are all professionally raised hand-fed baby parrots with the best bird bloodlines and genetic pedigrees. Nanday REUNITED! USA ,FLORIDA ,DAVIE AFRICAN GREY “LUCKY” 07/26/2019 African Grey lost on July 26, 2019 in Davie, Florida, United States 33314 Spring hill, Florida gray cockatiel 3 months will sit on head Cockatiel - Normal Gray lost on July 25, 2019 in SPRING HILL, Florida, United States 34610 TX Richmond/ Katy Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel ‘Cowboy Birdman parrot rescue is in Blackpool Lancashire'. Kitty prefers men. com for a low price of $450. org We were driving back home from the veterinary clinic when we spotted an injured dog limping on side of Parrots For Sale: Congo African Grey Parrots For great homes WITH Cage, 6/30/19, by Akum / California USA. Including large, medium and small bird cages, bird aviaries, stainless steel bird cages, flight cages, breeding cages, bird playstands, bird toys, and bird supply accessories! A growing number of bird rescue, placement, and sanctuary organizations are facing the challenge of caring for displaced parrots. The African Grey was by far the best experience I've ever had in getting a bird. Though not all are posted, we have many fine parrots available for adoption. org - Bird Adoption - Adopt a parrot or another captive bird instead of contributing to the homeless bird problem by buying from a breeder. 'More Volunteers' Needed At Colorado Bird Rescue As Intake Spikes CBS Denver. We are a safe haven for birds and parrots of all sizes. They are given the best in veterinary care, a healthy diet and playmates of their own kind as appropriate. FeatherMe. He is a medium sized Parrot a bit bigger Welcome to Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico! We are a New Mexico licensed non-profit organization dedicated to the wellbeing of all species of companion parrots. We are on the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlifes list of recommended avian rescues. This is not a breed for an inexperienced owner. Our 2019 Congo African Grey Season will has officially begun. Use our pet finder at Petstew. Her new owner loved her so much that she flew in from Colorado just to meet her. The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates two sites within Colorado totaling more than Ten Thousand Acres! We rescue animals from horrific captive situations and rehabilitate them so they can live and roam freely within large natural habitats with others of their own kind. Buy, sell and adopt all breeds of birds. com lists bird rescues and shelters across the United States. Find African Grey Parrots for Sale in Colorado Springs on Oodle Classifieds. The staff is friendly and there are lots of informational bits on the animals so you can learn as you go. Find African Grey Parrot. Rockstar O5/18/2019 African Grey his name is Rockstar. had it for years but I live in colorado and he's in his inside cage in the basement where I sleep  Fun videos of our loyal customers and their birds with the My Safe Bird Store products. com allows you to find a breeder near you, get directions, view contact info, or read user reviews and ratings. Photography of Colorado's Reptiles and Amphibians by Joe Farah. , Bradenton, Florida. The Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue & Rehoming Society works with parrots only. As a member, you receive 400+ pages of additional information. Colorado Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Aurora,  Over time, we have developed and established a structured screening and adoption process that we feel gives both the adopter and bird the best possible start  Colorado: Feathered Family, - featheredfamily. REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS OF COLORADO Weimaraner Rescue Information: The Weimaraner is a graceful gray gun dog. Lily is a gorgeous, grey whiskered, 6 year old, blue Great Dane who was found as a stray and never reclaimed. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for African Grey. Highland Animal Hospital 311 E County Line Rd Littleton, Colorado 80122 Paul Boehm, DVM Highland Animal Hospital of Littleton Colorado takes pride in the health of your pets and your pets needs. The Gabriel Foundation is a 100% donor-supported parrot welfare organization providing for the complete physical, psychological and environmental well being of the parrots in our care. Exotic Birds of Denver is your ONE-STOP PARROT SHOP! Exotic Birds of Denver is more than a shop it’s an Exotic paradise! Experience our large Flight Room where our Parrots are un-caged and are allowed to freely interact and socialize with each other and you! We specialize in hand-fed and hand-raised parrots. Thousands of wild African Grey Parrots are being trapped each year to fuel the . Welcome to The Gabriel Foundation. "Click here to view Pet Birds in Texas for adoption. These are all  Tara at Hurlin's Parrot Rescue is able to handle her, pet her, and Ginny basically . Location: Denver, Colorado. Click on a number to view a list of all Bird rescue groups in that state. African Grey Parrot Breeders in the United States. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and training of unwanted horses. With our two bird minimum order and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed ordering from North America's favorite duck and goose hatchery. A few I have bought from pet stores. Blue Rose Ranch is a horse rescue and adoption facility located in southeastern Colorado. We don't know if Kitty is a male or female, or how old Kitty is. CL. i'm looking for another african grey congo or a bird that talk's as well! Grey Kitty Birthday & Pet Rescue Event parrot welfare organization licensed by the State of Colorado, whose mission and purpose is to provide safe sanctuary  Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new African Grey. In fact, you might have a hard time keeping them from breeding. We provide lifetime sanctuary to rescued wolves, wolf-dogs and other related species. Until that is accomplished, we will provide a sanctuary for those unfortunate parrots that are in need of a home. This is in between Marysville and Lincoln Ca. Post all your free for sale ads here. We will take in any parrot,Sick, injured,or Problem birds. Sir Gertie the Congo African Grey is a Senior who has had a rough past. Search for African Grey Parrots Hatchlings & Birds for Adoption by city in CO and price to find the best Colorado African Grey Parrots online. Dna tested male, real good talker. Cockatoos share many features with other parrots like the characteristic curved beak shape and a zygodactyl foot, but differ with the often spectacular movable headcrest, the presence of a gall bladder and some other anatomical details. colorado springs (cos) denver, CO favorite this post Jul 23 african grey cool hide this posting restore restore this posting. is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to saving birds that are in need of a new home in the PA, NJ, DE area. Providing the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment services available to veterinary medicine for cats, dogs, and a variety of other family pets. Jojo The Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds - a 501c3. But it is something to watch out for. He talks, sings, isn’t afraid of my dogs. This map shows how many Bird Rescue Groups are in each state. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and other classifieds in your neighborhood. Birds Of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue, Inc. com - Erie CO, Rescue, Rehoming and Adoption of Companion . Our facility at 317 South Ardmore avenue in Villa Park houses all types of pet birds, from Finch to Macaws. HowlOfADog. (Colorado Springs) • The Gabriel Foundation - Parrot rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, foster, and sanctuary for the needs of parrots everywhere. to a breeding facility in Florida instead of staying at TGF's Colorado premises. Apr 27, 2019 Our basic goal is to rescue parrots and other commonly foster parents and to help us rescue 300 to 400 birds every year, including helping  Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Find African Grey Parrots for Sale in Pueblo, CO on Oodle Classifieds. Dave - Colorado Springs, Colorado. Learn more about Metro Denver Parrot Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder. Over the past year, we have placed over 400 birds in new homes. As with most non profits, one of the best ways to help is to donate funds to their cause. As a bird supply store, Avalon Aviary offers the best selection of bird toys, bird cages and accessories, playstands and bird swings, healthy bird food and everything your pet birds need, from finches to macaws. If you would like to adopt a companion bird or are considering relinquishing your parrot, Free Flight is here to help. What Will I Need to Provide for an Adopted African Grey Parrot? Bird Rescue Organizations want one thing most of all, that is to find all their adoptable birds a forever home. Mark Howard is a licensed veterinarian, treating all types of pets and animals. The most popular and common is the Congo African Grey. Rescue Organizations. On 5-18-2019 around 7:20pm in Plumas Lake. As a parrot breeder, we raise delightful companion parrots for well-qualified homes. View pictures, read more about this specific Bird, learn more about the breed in our pet research center, or contact the owner today. Our Adoption Process Metro Denver Parrot Rescue is committed to Poicephalus parrots, Amazon parrots, African Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws have more Parrot Rescue in Colorado Springs or at our next adoption event(s) – please see  Why buy a African Grey Parrot for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of African Grey Parrots in rescues near you who need a home. Review this Classified listing for a African Grey Parrot Bird in Grand Junction, Colorado available on Petstew. Welcome to the African Grey Parrot Centre Rehoming Section. We are a registered, private parrot and bird rescue located in Woodbridge New Jersey. The Congo African Grey is the largest of the African Grey parrots, sporting a lighter gray color in its plumage, and a solid black beak. There are so many parrots around the world in rescue centres as humans can't meet . African Grey Parrot Birds available for sale in Colorado from top breeders and individuals. Bird Lover’s Only Avian Rescue Pampered Parr ots Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. May 11, 2016 The Perch, Rocky Mountain Food Report, Colorado Springs, food news One African grey was in the midst of being adopted. African Grey Parrot for sale in Colorado. Learn more about Boots today. Shop pet bird supplies we have everything for African Greys at All Bird Breeders Colorado · Bird Breeders Connecticut · Bird Breeders . Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a New Mexico non-profit. We are now producing some of the finest Macaw, Cockatoo, African Grey, Conure, and Cockatiel bloodlines that can be found in the USA. Noah. Companion Parrots Re-homed accepts companion parrots from unwanted, emergency or crisis situations throughout Greater Charlotte, North Carolina and to facilitate through training and education new adoptive homes for these sensitive and intelligent birds African Grey Breeders in the United States. The ring-necked dove is the most commonly kept companion bird of the dove family, and can be found easily due to their prolific breeding. Good Bird Inc customers will notice when they purchase a product they have the option of donating $1 to parrot rescues. Find your new companion at NextDayPets. Rescue of a homeless dog with a broken leg - Howl Of A Dog Rescue Video www. African Grey Parrots require a serious commitment and are great lifelong companions. Please, take your time and look around! There is a lot of information on this site, and our list of adoptable birds will continually be updated as we have time! African grey parrot for rehoming. American Staffordshire Terrier Rescue Information: The American Staffordshire Terrier is an affectionate, stable breed that makes a wonderful family dog. The second most common type is the Timneh African Grey, which was recognized as a species in and of itself in 2012. We carefully evaluate each bird and prospective adoptive family to ensure mutual bonding and suitability. The Finch Farm offers categories of birds for African finches for sale, Australian finches for sale, South American birds for sale, parakeets and parrots for Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is a free-roaming, limited intake shelter in Denver, CO serving homeless cats for over 35 years! Rescue Heroes is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana. " - ♥ RESCUE ME! ♥ ۬ Research your favourite parrot with the Parrot Encyclopedia and Reference Library. Weimaraners are rowdy, happy dogs. They are known for their ability to talk and mimic human speech and for this reason they are often kept as pets. Rescue & Adoption Shelter. 401 likes · 5 talking about this. Kitty is a Timneh African Grey. The Timneh parrot (Psittacus timneh) was earlier treated as a subspecies but has since been elevated to a full species. I have added the below rescue organization in good faith, but I would recommend for anyone wanting to place their bird to check any of them out very carefully, before doing so To work in joint cooperation with all avian rescue groups to try and eliminate the need for rescue groups by educating the public about aviculture issues. The Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is a non-profit oranization dedicated to the welfare of all parrots. Before thinking about African Grey Parrot adoption make sure you are committed to providing an African Grey Parrot a healthy home for many years to come. in Windsor, SC on Petfinder. Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds Inc. Our philosophy is to focus on small, local change, with the hopes of creating a global movement. congo african grey parrots, handfed baby african greys, baby greys, baby parrot, congo african greys, greys for sale, african grey breeder, bird breeder north carolina, nc african greys Exotic Bird Adoption Program. Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Gray Birds Metzer Farms has over a dozen breeds of baby geese for sale and we ship nationwide throughout the hatching season. Every time our name is said, it should serve as a reminder of our little Lonely Timneh African Grey who needed rescuing. The Perch is a partner of the Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, an agency for large birds collected  Large Amazon, Eclectus, Mini-Macaw or African Grey $450. com to find your next African Grey Parrot for sale in Indiana online. Adopt, Foster or Volunteer Congo African Grey. • Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. Not only do bird keepers love this intelligent bird, it’s one of the most recognizable species to bird novices as well — everyone knows the African grey parrot. Beak N' Wings, Inc. A list of bird breeders. is a small, 501 (c)(3), non-profit, organization consisting of passionate individuals who value animal welfare, education and community. Birds classifieds. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. Many traditional shelters and animal control organizations are also gaining the knowledge and skills to provide suitable care and placement for the rising numbers of unwanted or abused exotic birds entering their facilities. A 501c3 NON-PROFIT PARROT Bird Cages 4 Less offers one of the largest online selections of hard to find bird cages and bird supplies. We have 6 dogs and an African grey parrot (caged since birth). Charmer is a Derbyan Parakeet Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is a free-roaming, limited intake shelter in Denver, CO serving homeless cats for over 35 years! The African Wildcat has grey fur tinged with yellow, with faint stripes on its body and legs, and a stripe running along its back. com to find your next African Grey Parrot for adoption in Colorado online. Welcome to the website for Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue. This poor girl has been through the wringer and it shows unfortunately. Meet Boots, an African Grey Parrot for adoption, at Flock Together Bird . com Classifieds - Raven Birds for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in Raven - free,VA,Virginia,classified ad,classified ads Welcome to the home page of Mystic Gardens, a small privately owned fox and small animal rescue and sanctuary. If you don't find anyone near you, contact the closest one to your location and ask for a referral to trusted, reputable breeder, or locate a bird club and ask for a lead. We have many years experience with all types of birds and large parrots. Colorado Springs, These dogs are South African Greyhounds Derbyan parakeet (Lord Derby's Parakeet) plus (Moustache parakeet), Lakewood, Washington. african grey rescue colorado

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